August 4, 2018

Find out what a “green team” can be and what green teams can do.

[1:00] Where can you participate in or start a green team?

[1:30] What can green teams do?

[2:10] School green teams

[2:40] Faith communities

[3:05] Workplaces

[3:30] Neighborhoods

[4:10] Green teams can be driven by passions, skills and needs of each community

[4:30] Look for city or community program to help you

[4:50] You don’t have to go it alone!

List of activities for green teams:

School garden

Urban garden

Earth Day Festival

Energy audit

Keeping lights out when not in use

Bicycle repair workshop

Recycling or composting

Transportation initiatives

Pollinator gardens

Keeping cars from idling near buildings

Farmers market

Speaking at City Council meetings

Advocate for changing laws

Changing the pesticide use policy

Eco book club

Wildlife protection activities

Nature walks

Healthy, sustainable food

Urban farms

Give excess garden produce to the homeless

Tours of water-conserving landscaped homes

Tours of homes with solar energy

Use a city or community program to become a certified Green School, Business, Faith Community or Neighborhood.

What’s in a name?

Green team, eco-club, climate action committee, sustainability team are all commonly used. Choose a name that fits your needs.

Discover how to launch and grow a green team in your community. Suggest a topic, get the free Green Team Quick Start Course and download the freeEco Film List at If you like what you’re hearing, please subscribe, rate and review! The time for action is now because there is no Planet B!

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