August 6, 2018

Time-stamped notes:

[1:00] Today’s episode is about my experiences trying to get eco-actions going in Niwot and Longmont, Colorado. In retrospect, I can see mistakes I made and strategies that worked.

[1:45] Niwot – worked solo to get recycling center in

[2:30] Longmont – offered job in Longmont to start just after 500-year flooding event.

[3:20] Found one person to join me and we started Sustainable Revolution Longmont

[3:35] Started working toward Earth Day 2015. Writing grants. Got fiscal sponsorship. Started youth leadership council.

[4:30] Had 70 exhibitors, 35 of which were youth booths

[5:00] Mayor and City Council members attended

[5:10] Link to Sustainable Resilient Longmont 2015 Youth of the Earth Festival photos–videos-2015.html [5:20] Youth and adult attended city council and school board meetings. Got much of what we wanted

[5:40] Non-profit is still going forward even after I left: Sustainable Resilient Longmont

[6:20] If you’ve tried and didn’t have success in the past, it might have been timing but it might be that there are other strategies that will work better.

[6:30] List of strategies to use, to avoid mistakes when starting a green team:

  • Embrace leadership
  • Build a core team
  • Dream of a better world
  • Find partners
  • Plan an initial big event
  • Get ready to take money
  • Become an official group
  • Promote, promote, promote
  • Hold an initial big event
  • Document and re-evaluate
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Include youth in leadership and families
  • Include art and music

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