August 10, 2018

Explore the revolutionary act of making food at home with poetry and research.

Time-stamped notes:

[1:00] Intro

[1:30] Poem by Joan: Just Go Home and Eat

[3:05] As a kid, rarely went out to eat.

[3:20] Constantly tempted to eat crap. Why is that?

[3:35] Fast Food Facts 2013 published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

[5:05] Wow! That’s why it’s so hard to resist!

[5:30] Eating home is an act of revolution

[5:50] Investing in the future we want

[6:00] How can we do this? Anywhere on the engagement ladder

[6:25] This could be the focus of a green team. Example: Vegan dinner night

[7:00] Can you impact policies around food in schools, local, state, and federal levels?

[7:45] Mindful eating is a way to change how we eat. Helps us make deeper, better choices.

[8:35] Hope this has inspired you to explore how eating at home can be a revolutionary act

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