August 11, 2018

Before giving a presentation, tell your Hero’s Journey story. Include the beginning, middle and end of your journey to show how your experiences have perfectly prepared you to help your audience now.

[1:00] Advocating for environmental actions is all about change. There is a lot of built-in resistance.

[1:30] Tell your story before launching into a presentation.

[1:45] Joseph Campbell and others talk about Hero’s Journey. Plot of every adventure story.

[2:00] Hero’s Journey: start where you are, go on an adventure, then return home and share wisdom.

[3:30] Design your Hero’s Journey story to be as short as 30 seconds to 1 minute, or as long as you like.

[3:45] Example: weight loss coaching story

[4:35] Example: anxiety coaching story

[5:20] Climate Reality Training: Tell your story before you start your talk

[6:05] Example: climate action story

[7:00] Leave a comment: What’s your Hero’s Journey?

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The time for action is now because there is no Planet B!

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