August 18, 2018

What’s stopping you from becoming an eco-leader? If you’re thinking that you need experience as an eco-leader or even as a leader, at all, think again! Learn from Xiuhtezcatl Martinez’ first public speech at age six.

Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson
Episode 16

Time-stamped notes:
[1:00] “Experience required”… a common criteria for jobs

[1:20] It would be natural to think that you’d need to have eco-leader or any leadership experience

[1:30] Guess what? That’s not true.

[1:35] “If you want to make an impact, you don’t already need to be a leader. But you do need to be willing to become a leader.” – Joan Gregerson

[2:00] Passion, commitment, willingness to learn, grow, work together

[2:20] “Xiuhtezcatl – first public speech at 6 yrs old” YouTube Video
“I came to talk to you today about how sacred the earth is. Most kids don’t even know that the world is sacred.”
“Every choice we make is for or against our future.”

[4:10] Xiuhtezcatl is now 18 years old: a global eco-leader, spoke at the UN three times, rapper and hip-hop artist, best-selling author of “We Rise” and youth leader of Earth Guardians.

[4:40] First met when talking about them performing at the Youth of the Earth Festival.

[5:50] Amazing support from Aztec traditions from his father and environmental educator mom

[6:40] What can we learn from Xiuhtezcatl at age 6?

You don’t need to already be a leader to make an impact.
You do need to believe strongly that your ideas and your voice matter.
You have to overcome any self-doubt that would keep you from expressing your opinion
You have to ask people to do better.
You have to believe in and be willing to work for a better future.
We all have to work together.
Though you may start small, your impact may grow more than you could imagine at the beginning

[7:20] So, do you need previous experience to become an eco-leader? No, but you need to be willing to become one.

Shareable quotes:

Every choice we make is for or against our future.
– Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, at age 6

If you want to make an impact, you don’t already need to be a leader. But you do need to be willing to become a leader.
– Joan Gregerson


Six-year-old Xiuhtezcatl speaking in Boulder (YouTube)
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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Earth Guardians
Free Carbon Footprint Calculator (Nature Conservancy)

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