August 21, 2018

Every five-year-old kid will jump at the chance to dance, sing or draw. Why can’t most adults? When trying to create a better world, acknowledge that the creativity and spontaneity of youth might be just what we need.

Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson
Episode 19

Time-stamped notes:
[1:00] If you ask a five-year-old to draw a giraffe, they will do it. What if you ask an adult?

[1:30] Every five-year-old knows how to draw, dance and sing, but somehow adults don’t. What happened?

[1:40] Education has some negative side-effects. Dampens spontaneity. Dampens creativity.

[2:10] Toddler will dance, sing, draw.

[2:20] Adults suffer from a lack of spontaneity, from thinking that things are easy or doable.

[2:30] Include people as young as possible.

[3:00] Example: Four-year-old had a booth to teach about sea animals.

[4:10] The key to creating the new world that we need is all about imagination. That’s what kids are so good at.

[4:45] It might be that the experts that you need are the kids in your community.


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[one_half_first]Sustainable Resilient Longmont: Youth of the Earth Festival (2015) 4-Year-Old Sea Animal Booth[/one_half_first][one_half_last]Just checking… yes, I can draw a giraffe! – joan[/one_half_last]



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