August 22, 2018

It’s easy to complain about how the world is. How often do we take the time to declare the world we want and commit to helping create it. “The World We Want Is” is a global movement centered on interactive public art. You can use a paper version of this exercise to help your community brainstorm the future they want.

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Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson
Episode 21

Time-Stamped Notes:[1:00] How do you get people to dream big?

[1:30] In my neighborhood, I came across this exhibit…

  • Large chalkboard wall
  • Title: The World We Want Is
  • Each square has two prompts:
    •  I want to live in a world where…
    •  To create this world, I will…

[2:10] Examples:

  • Everyone is kind to each other / Be kind myself.
  • People are smiling. / Smile more.
  • We run on peace not hatred, where everyone has the right to be who they truly are. / Live my truth and motivate others to live theirs.

[3:15] The World We Want is a global movement dedicated to bringing self-reflection and expression to the masses through interactive public art

[4:15] Easier option: Offer the same prompts on paper at a meeting or festival.

[4:30] Complaining doesn’t get us very far. Declare the world want. Then commit to making it happen.

[5:00] The world as it is now is as humans have created. This is the sum of all the choices that have been made up to this point.

[5:15] We can make a different future by making different choices and by investing our time in the world we want.


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