August 24, 2018

** Enter by Aug 31, 2018 for the iTunes Podcast Review Contest **
Look for the new podcast format to start on September 5. In the meantime, I’m going on vacation! See you then!

** Enter by Aug 31, 2018 for the iTunes Podcast Review Contest **

Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson
Episode 22

As a newbie podcaster, I’m learning a ton. Thanks for your patience as I figure it out!

The big thing I’ve learned is that it takes a lot more time than I expected. I’m taking some time off and then will re-launch weekly episodes beginning Wednesday September 5, 2018.

I want to make sure I have ample time to be working on courses and mentoring for those who want to go deeper. Look for courses opening later this year.

Favorite saying:
An empty pitcher fills no cups.

For us recovering people pleasers, it’s always tough to change course. But it’s essential if we want to stay strong for ourselves and others.

I’m heading up to the mountains for swimming and camping. I hope you too will take time in nature to relax and recharge.
See you back here on September 5!

Thank you for listening!

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