September 26, 2018

Find out how two teachers started an Eco-Club at St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in Redcliffe, Bristol, England. In less than two years, their initiative changed from starting an eco-club to building an eco-community. Their projects include litter patrol, plastic recycling, school gardening, hosting a green event for other schools, and more. Tune in to this inspiring story of regular people becoming eco-leaders in their communities!

Source: How to Build an Eco-Club (David Luke, 2017)

Episode 27
Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson

Time-Stamped Notes
[1:00] SMRT Eco-Club started in November 2016.

[1:45] Started by two teachers in response to the school leadership encouraging teachers to demonstrate environmental stewardship and the town of Bristol issued a goal of becoming a measurably cleaner town by 2020.

[2:45] Started meeting weekly at lunchtime ← important strategy: meeting at a regular time

[3:00] The litter patrol was seen as a bit of a joke at first, but grew to give voice to those that care about resources and their school.

[3:45] Partnered with Redcliffe Garden Club for transforming a neglected piece of land into a school garden.

[4:15] Worked with the school’s leadership team to encourage changes in how photocopier paper is used, and how to encourage more walking to school.

[5:00] Hosted a “green event” for other schools, and included speakers from the town Council

[5:30] Started a mini-recycling center and holding discussions about the problem of plastic in the school

[5:45] Vision for future: plastic recycling well established, zero tolerance for litter, school garden producing healthy food for the school cafeteria, continued links with our community and above all, students automatically embracing the values of respect and care.

[6:00] Changed from an eco-club to an eco-community … cultural transformation!

[6:30] Advice: Be convinced and be passionate. Don’t let negative remarks put you off.
Students can only benefit through an eco-club. Respect for self, others, our planet and our future.

[7:10] Started with deep values and one strategy. Willing to adjust and expand as needs and passions arise.

[8:00] Worked on all levels: personal, peers, school and broader community

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