December 20, 2018

039: Are You the Green Sheep of the Family?

​​​Recently, my mild-mannered teacher friend went on a major rant about "red plastic cups." Listen in to find out why. 

​If you are that kind of person that sees opportunities for improvements, you might feel like the "green sheep" in the family.

​You are going to be frustrated because you don't fit in.

What I want to tell you is... Don't fit in!

The world needs people like you that point out those things that are wrong, those places that we can and should do better.

​But, because often you aren't going to fit in to society as a whole, you do need a place that you do.

That's why it's important to form a Green Team. Sitting in a circle with people that each in their own way are passionate about the planet... that is going to be a profoundly healing experience.

Yes, together you're going to make a big impact in your community.

​But also know that a bunch of "green sheep" in a circle is going to be a place of solace for you, where you will fit in. ​

That's it for today! Watch out for red plastic cups and please share your ideas in the Green Team Cafe! (Get access via the Green Team Essentials.)

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