January 3, 2019

​Have you wondered if your faith community could start a Green Team? Tune in to hear from Mary Ellen Buning and Barbara Fahmey ​of the Care for Our Common Home team of St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic ​Parish in Denver, Colorado. 


  • ​Care for Our Common Home Team began in 2016
  • ​Started a Discussion Series​ on the Pope's Encyclical Laudato Si
  • Started a Community Garden: 539 pounds of fresh produce distributed, 123 deliveries made, 14 volunteers
  • Started a Glass Recycling Station: collected 4,562 pounds of glass. Clear Intentions is the glass station that turns the glass into cullett and provides it to Coors bottling vendor. EnviroHub provided glass recycling education and sponsorship. This recycling effort is happening virtually in our "backyard", so it's a full cycle in our state.
  • Battery Recycling: In 18 months, recycled 579 pounds of batteries, keeping their toxic materials out of landfills
  • Compost: Started composting debris/food scraps from social events at church. Purchased compostable flatware, plates and wooden coffee stirrers. Being composted via the City of Denver, as many of these items are not acceptable for backyard/home gardening compost.



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