January 23, 2019

​Meet 8-year-old Elena who is raising awareness about plastic pollution, from her home on St. John Island in the Virgin Islands.

Watch this podcast on Youtube to see my interview with Elena and see the beautiful St. John Island!

I have a really great great-niece. Tune in today to listen to my interview with Elena Magnie. Elena is 8 years old and lives on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands. In today's episode, hear about how she did the research to produce a video on plastic pollution. Listen in as Elena and I brainstorm ideas for how she could start a Green Team with her friends.

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I contacted Elena after watching this video that she researched and created, with help from her cameraperson ​(mom!).

​Elena's interest in ​plastic in the ocean ​was based on hearing about, reading about it in books and on the internet and from seeing it firsthand on the beautiful beaches of St. John. Instead of just feeling sad and angry, Elena created a video to help raise awareness about the issue of plastic in the ocean. 

Elena summed up her research on plastic pollution:

"It has to go somewhere. Usually it ends up in the garbage can, which ends up in the ocean, which ends up in fish and all the other things that eat fish and sea animals. It just gets everywhere and it's hurting the environment."

​Elena and I discussed ways she could start and grow a Green Team:

  • Find one person to start meeting with regularly.
  • Plan an event: community clean-up or Earth Day festival
  • Or plan to table with information at a festival
  • Choose a name for your team
  • Focus on: getting together, making a difference and feeling better

​Elena's advice for anyone who cares about the earth:

"Remember to always help the earth because it can't get better on its own."

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