May 8, 2019

Episode 049: 2019 Earth Week Virtual Summit Overview

Get a tour of the 2019 Earth Week Virtual Summit! 

What is it?

Originally aired April 22 - 28, 2019, the Earth Week Virtual Summit features a total of 24 interviews featuring community leaders and experts.

Each session provides tips and actionable advice from people who are making a real eco-impact on the ground. Save yourself years of wasting time, by learning proven strategies that are working right now!

Can I still access the Summit?

Yes! The Summit is available on-demand. Purchase access for just $97. Download the audio to listen to anytime. Watch all the videos. Plus, get access to a valuable training how to host your own virtual summit. 

Who are the speakers? What is the schedule?

Visit to view the entire schedule, read speaker bios and find out about the sessions.

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Here's an overview of the line-up:

Day 1: The Power of Music

  • Michelle Romero, Green For All 
  • Laurie Goldman, The ClimateMusic Project 
  • Laurie Dameron, Spaceship Earth, What Can I Do?

Day 2: Waste Not, Want Not

  • Luke Stahmer, Arc Thrift Stores 
  • Michael Forman, Pure Love Sustainability Inc
  • Sandie Weathers & Andrea Guajardo, Zero Waste Services

Day 3: Food, Health and Community

  • Beverly Grant, Mo' Betta Green MarketPlace 
  • Brad Allen Reubendale, SAME Cafe
  • Scott Clobes, Roots In Nutrition and Highland United Neighbors

Day 4: Climate Action

  • Dann Diez, Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities 
  • Dr. Ingo Stuckmann, Zero-
  • Helga Luest, Give a Shift, Climate Reality
  • Steve Stevens, Personal Footprint Renovator, Golden, CO 

Day 5: Youth & School Initiatives

  • Leala Pourier, Earth Guardians & Stronghold Society 
  • Mugisha Derrick Emmanuel, Fika Afrika Advocacy Foundation
  • Lisa Dewil, Green Team Superheroes
  • Barb Mills-Bria & Mary Gilkison, Sustainable Green Mountain 

Day 6: The Work of Eco-Changemakers

  • Deb Matlock, Wild Rhythms, LLC 
  • Martin Ogle, Entrepreneurial Earth, LLC
  • Lauren McNeil & Laura Charlier, Group14 Engineering 

Day 7: Telling Our Stories, Building a Movement

  • Ean Thomas Tafoya, Colorado Latino Forum 
  • Joseph Kerski, ESRI Story Maps
  • Beth Leeds, Lifelong Activist & Ocean Protector
  • Joan Gregerson, Green Team Academy

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Your Podcast & Virtual Summit Host:

Joan Gregerson, founder of Green Team Academy and owner of Positive Energy Works LLC. Having wasted decades doing ineffective stuff, then by trial and error, I finally figured out what works and what doesn't. I now mentor people who want to make a huge eco-impact fast. Through the Green Team Academy, I offer a podcast, free resources, online courses and coaching. www.GreenTeam

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Get access to the Earth Week Virtual Summit:

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The planet needs us to be effective! I'm bursting with gratitude for all the speakers and everyone who is stepping up to care for our lovely Mother Earth.

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