September 7, 2019

Tune in to hear my interview with high school juniors who are growing the Lakewood High School Environmental Club:

  • Amanda Opp, Club President and Founder
  • Lucy Carney, Club Vice President
  • Lauren Utz, Club Vice President

Please forgive the sound quality! There is some wind and background noise interference because we caught the club members right after school outdoors at Lakewood High School. 🙂

Raising Awareness

In 2018, Amanda Opp started an environmental club at Lakewood High School. She noticed a lack of recycling, especially in the school atrium where many students were putting recyclables in the trash.

In its first year, the club focused on:

  • working with school staff to consider ways to increase recycling in the school atrium
  • using their Instagram account to educate and connect with students
  • raising awareness about how to reduce, reuse and recycle

In May 2019, the club was awarded the 2019 Defender of the Planet Sustainability Award from the City of Lakewood. 

"We go to any event where clubs are welcome." said Lucy.  This is a great strategy! Instead of trying to get people to their events, the Environmental Club participates in school functions, including the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event and the Tiger Prowl 5K Run. 

LHS Eco-Club Wins Award

The Lakewood High School Environmental Club won the Defender of the Planet Sustainability Award from the City of Lakewood in May 2019, during its first year in existence

September 20 Global Climate Strike

Several members of the club are planning to participate in the Global Climate Strike on September 20 at Union Station in Denver. 

"We really want to get involved to prevent climate change," said Amanda. because it's one of the biggest threats to our generation as a whole, and one of the biggest problems that we'll have to face."

"I really wish that adults would know that we care and that they should care, too," said Lauren. "When elections come around, they should pay attention to who they're voting for and to make sure that their vote goes for a good cause." 

"At any opportunity they have, they choose to do something to reduce their carbon footprint. We're the ones that are going to have to live in this world after they're gone. We would like to make things easier on us when our time comes."

Lakewood High School Environmental Club

Lakewood High School Environmental Club is raising awareness and promoting positive steps for caring for the environment 

Vision 2021

Amanda, Lauren and Lucy are all high school juniors. What is their vision for what they'd like to leave as their legacy when they graduate in 2021?

  • Helping Lakewood High School to be one of the most eco-friendly schools in Jefferson County
  • Educating the entire student body to know how big of a problem that global warming is
  • Growing the Environmental Club into something that someone everyone at the school knows about
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the school by eliminating wasteful energy use and if possible, by adding solar panels
  • Reach out to corporations and ask them to be more eco-friendly


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