October 17, 2019

To be a changemaker, we need to know how to operate on all levels of the engagement ladder, from personal choice, to community organizing to policymaking. In this episode, you'll discover how regular people like you are changing laws and policies at all levels of government. 

Changing the Rules of the Game

How do you make a huge eco-impact fast? 

It's great to start by first improving your own choices, and next starting a team. Yet, you'll quickly see that the "rules of the game" are creating some of the problems or limiting what you and your team can do. 

So, how do you change laws and policies if you don't have any idea where to start? That was the focus of our October 8, 2019 Environmental Policymaking meeting in Lakewood, Colorado. In this meeting, organized for the Green Team Accelerator Lab, we heard presentations from four individuals who made changes at city, state and national levels. Each started with no experience, yet were able to make a big impact. 

Click on each link for a profile of each organization:

As Christine Brinker said, "If you have no clue where to start, then you're exactly where I was one year ago. Just dive in and get started. To get the changes you want, you have to start by asking."

Here are some nuggets and links from that meeting to inspire you. From their examples, you too can become a powerful eco-leader who can change laws and policies at any level!

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