April 23, 2020

Tune in for a live performance by 10-year-old Elena Magnie. Elena debuts her new song, Kids Can Make a Difference. We talk about songwriting and about what special characteristics kids bring to helping make the world a better place. 

Here's the song on YouTube. Please share it with your network!

In this episode, Elena Magnie, joins us from St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Island. She performs this powerful song, twice! I started by asking Elena why she wrote the song.

Elena: "I wrote it because kids can make a difference! I've been seeing a lot of green teams pop up everywhere and I think it's really beautiful that a bunch of people are helping the earth, and a lot of them are kids." 

A powerful part of the song's lyrics are about how some people that are bigger and stronger don't really care. Here's what Elena said:

Elena: "First, a lot of adults are helping."

There are people that run companies that pollute or are destroying the ecosystem. 

Elena: "I think that everybody knows that that should stop, but they're making money off of it."

Joan: "What unique qualities do kids bring to this that adults might be missing?" 

Elena: "Kids go with the flow more. Kids are more flexible physically and mentally. They would be more willing to make changes that could help the earth. Also, they're cute, so they can persuade companies to produce more non-polluting stuff." 

To learn more about plastics in the ocean and what we can do about it, tune in to Episode 44 to hear Elena's research and tips. 

Find out more about Elena and her family's music at Lauren and Bo Music. Starting in March 2020, you can catch Lauren and Bo via the weekly Thursday virtual open mic session. Find out more on their Facebook page. 

I am so honored that I am Elena is my great niece, because she really is a great person!

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