July 19, 2020

Find out how Brianna Hallinan, Sustainable Broomfield, and Shannon Bean-Scalise, Hugelrado Farms are launching innovative composting projects in two Colorado communities.

Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson

In this episode, we’ll hear from two eco-leaders who are launching composting initiatives to build soil and community in Colorado communities! Both of our podcast guests are also mentors in the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge, helping challengers launch eco-initiatives in 90 days. 

Brianna Hallinan, Sustainable Broomfield

Sustainable Broomfield was started in February 2019 with a vision of bringing together residents, local governments, organizations, and businesses to transform Broomfield into a model for individual and community sustainability. 

The group accelerates the integration of environmentally sustainable lifestyles by providing:

  • educational experiences,
  • practical and convenient resources, and
  • opportunities to advocate for sustainable public policy.

In 2020, the group launched a composting club, an innovative community-based composting solution to address the lack of composting options in the area. 

How does it work? Interested participants must complete a training and pass a test to ensure they understand what is allowed in the compost buckets. Next, each participant receives a bucket for their food scraps. When it’s full, the participant dumps the scraps at a local community garden and gets a clean bucket in exchange. The participant also tends the compost by turning it and watering it. The finished compost will be used in the community garden where the compost bins are located.

Contact Sustainable Broomfield:

  • Website: http://sustainablebroomfield.com/
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SustainableBroomfield/
  • Email: SustainableBroomfield@gmail.com

Shannon Bean-Scalise, Hugelrado Farms

Shannon and her husband, Nick, are co-owners of Hugelrado Farms, a Soil Supportive company and urban permaculture food forest in Arvada, Colorado. Their mission is  #BuildSoilSupportLife.

“We are soil makers through MakeSoil.org,” says Shannon. MakeSoil has the goal of making every person on the planet either a soil maker or soil supporter. “Anyone anywhere in the world can hop onto MakeSoil.org and can either find a soil site where they can drop off their compostables, or can sign up to become a soil-site and start receiving their neighbors' compostables.”

The farm offers inoculated EPA-approved Biochar, composting worms, home worm composting systems, bocasi systems, and Korean natural farming inputs.

Shannon invites those near Arvada, Colorado to join their soil site and start dropping off kitchen compost and grass clippings. 

Contact Hugelrado Farms:


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