October 2, 2020

What's one simple thing you can do to help heal the racial divide? Albert Kueffner shares his initiative to get more people talking with each other in this episode of the Green Team Academy Podcast Live.

Hear how the idea is taking off in faith communities and opening up shared housing opportunities to benefit all. His initiative is: Black + White Conversations from the Heart.

Albert Kueffner

Albert Kueffner is a challenger and mentor with the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge.

Get the book and follow the challengers at www.climateactionchallenge.net

Albert Kueffner is an avid eco-justice advocate member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, CA.  Albert was honored to be one of the few elders last July to participate in the fifth annual Healing our Ecological Movement Jam (collaboration retreat) for diverse climate justice leaders, put on by Yes!, headquartered in Berkeley, CA. From  2010 until COVID-19 he did outreach and recruitment  for Western Service Workers in West Oakland, and played key roles in the successful Faith Against Fracking and No Coal in Oakland campaigns.

Albert has extensive graduate education and practice in behavioral economics. He began his career as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch with the goal of becoming a millionaire as soon as possible. During this time he was also a legislative precinct chairman for the Republican Party, only to discover that its leaders had no interest in what the grassroots thought and everything about what the rich and powerful wanted. Disillusioned, he became systems analyst and then a systems analyst instructor for the federal government in DC, and then for banks and business schools in California and Nevada.

At 44, disenchanted with monetization of human behavior to maximize profits, he dropped out to work in unarmed security until retirement in 2013 to maximize time on graveyard and swing shifts to unify mathematical microeconomics and human communications around a formula central to both, finding many applications to religion along the way.

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