October 21, 2020

Should Denver residents vote yes on Proposition 2A: Climate Action Sales Tax? Tune in for a discussion with Sebastian Andrews and Jasmin Barco to dig into the details.

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Climate Action Task Force

In 2019, the Mayor of Denver created an Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, & Resiliency to prepare the city for the future. A Climate Action Task Force with 26 community representatives spent the first several months of 2020 gathering data and community feedback to create a Climate Action Plan for Denver. On the November ballot, 2A is a small sales tax increase in order to begin to fund the work that has been laid out in the plan to create a greener, more resilient city. Learn more about the report and the ballot initiative that will put Denver in a position to be a leader on climate issues.

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Ep 93: Vote 2A - Climate Action Denver
Ep 93 Climate Action Denver Vote 2A

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