October 21, 2020

Shaina Oliver is an Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Advocate and Field Organizer Moms Clean Air Force In this live podcast episode, Shaina shares how you can make a difference by testifying at hearings and understanding what the different commissions are doing that impact air quality. This is an important way we can all work to improve conditions, especially for less-affluent neighborhoods and communities of color.


Moms Clean Air Force

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About Shaina

Shaina Oliver, a tribal member of the Navajo Nation from Shiprock, New Mexico, is an advocate for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. In 2015, after the EPA’s toxic mine spill affecting the Animas and San Juan Rivers, which supply water to the Navajo Nation, Shaina became more aware that the environmental disasters that happen in Colorado—where she now lives with her husband and four boys—also impact her tribe’s well-being and future. Shaina began to feel her responsibility to do her part as a mother, aunt, sister, descendant, and survivor of genocide.

Living in northeast Denver, Shaina is just south of the Suncor refinery. Sometimes she and her family can’t step outside for a breath of fresh air. On very cold days, her asthma flares, and she must be cautious and stay indoors. She worries about her youngest son, who has more allergies than his older brothers—allergies that may be asthma-related.

Testifying with Moms Clean Air Force at EPA hearings and in support of environmental bills at the U.S. Capitol is one important way Shaina lives up to her responsibility to protect all living beings and secure a future for all children. https://www.momscleanairforce.org/state-chapters/colorado/

Featured on the Earth Week Summit

Shaina was also featured on a powerful panel of four indigenous women as part of the Green Team Academy’s 2020 Earth Week Summit: Are You Indigenous or Colonized?

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Ep 94 Shaina Oliver

Ep 94 Shaina Oliver

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