October 22, 2020

Think you can’t find the green career of your dreams during a pandemic? Think again!

Join me to hear from Lisa Yee-Litzenberg, Green Career Advisor.

Lisa shares her insights as a green career coach and advice from job seekers who secured green jobs and internships during the pandemic. See the LinkedIn article here.

Here are her tips from recent successful job seekers:

Where do you find jobs?

  • Half found jobs through networking
  • Employers' websites
  • Tell as many people as possible about the kind of job you're seeking
  • Other job posting sites: sustainobility, indeed, linkedin
  • Full list of green job boards on Green Career Advisor

What got you hired?

  • Past relevant experience
  • Highly customized resume and reference letter
  • Consider volunteer, intern, certificates to demonstrate recent experience
  • Network and provide value for those you are asking for referrals and guidance. Follow up with them if you read a book they recommended or took their advice.

How did you make yourself stand out from other candidates?

  • Be yourself!
  • You want to make sure that the culture and position are a good fit for your authentic self, so don't hold back about what really matters to you.
  • Practice and get ready for interviews
  • For behavioral questions "What would you do if..", use the STAR response structure. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result.

What sectors had the most green job opportunities?

  • All sectors are hiring. Some have fewer positions but none have completely shut down.
  • Be persistent! It may take more effort, but don't give up.

Visit Green Career Advisor for resources or to request a free intro consultation with Lisa. www.GreenCareerAdvisor.com

Thank you to Lisa and the Green Career Advisor for being a sponsor of the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge!  

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