November 22, 2020

How can you create a sustainability nonprofit or a business, that is sustainable for you?

Many people run into the problem of creating a startup that ends up wearing them down, instead of energizing them. Tune in to my discussion with business and communications strategist, Ashlee Tate, to learn how to avoid the common mistakes, so you can create a life you’ll love.

Meet Ashlee Tate

Ashlee Tate is a Strategic Communications Consultant and serial entrepreneur. Ashlee helps clients design a life and business they love, leveraging her skills in branding, marketing, public relations, event planning, social media and strategic planning.
Her online business, The Socialife Diaries, provides group coaching to budding entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders.

In addition, Ashlee is the founder and executive director of a nonprofit, LaunchPad 4 Kids, Inc., created and co-hosted a local television show on the Redding, CA PBS station (KIXE, channel 9), and is a US Army veteran.Ashlee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from CSU Sacramento and a Master’s degree in Organizational Communications and Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Ashlee believes in the power of connection and purpose in everything she does. In between spending time with her husband and two children, Ashlee enjoys entertaining, traveling the world or just reading a good book.

Connect with Ashlee

Ashlee Tate
The Socialife Diaries, Strategic Communications Consultant

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