January 26, 2021

Join me for an interview with special guest, Renee Millard Chacon. In this episode, we'll talk about defining environmental justice, and what it means to be an ally to or accomplice with the BIPOC community.

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Renee Millard-Chacon is a writer, educator, Danzante Azteca, Xicana activist, and most importantly the mother of two sons. She is an indigenous womxn of Diné/Mexica decent, fighting for future generations and committed to relating climate justice to social justice. Her family is from the Denver community and she now works as a cultural educator and teacher. She works as the Youth Program Coordinator/ Cultural Educator at Spirit of the Sun and Co-founder of Womxn From the Mountain in hosting, organizing, and leading marches, workshops, and educational resources for social justice and environmental justice. She maintains her culture everyday as a Sahumadora/Malinzin in Azteca Danza for Grupo ColorAztlan in Denver and Tlahuitzcalli in Boulder. Her goal now, is to help in the circles she has the opportunity to engage in to move forward to heal through environmental awareness, transformative education, and support to diverse leaders ready to fight for future generations. She welcomes any respectful correspondence to start doing the tedious but powerful work of creating better relations in spaces that deserve to be healed because of the trauma from historical inequality and environmental racism.

If you have any questions about Spirit of the Sun programming, please email Renée at reneemchacon@spiritofthesun.org

Renee is working in Colorado to define environmental justice for legislation.
Renee worked with 350 Colorado, Conservation Colorado, Western Conservation and many environmental organizations to address how womxn and children are often trafficked in these same areas affected by exploitative practices, such as fossil fuel development. In a collective effort with the International Indigenous Youth Council, they presented an art installation on 16th Street Mall in Denver to highlight Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womxn, Black Womxn, and Migrant Womxn by hanging red and black dresses individually dedicated to a womxn missing or deceased. During the strike with Greta Thunberg, they painted handprints over the mouths of hundreds of individuals to continue to bring attention to these silenced individuals.

Renee provides fee-based cultural and allyship trainings for groups and organizations.

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