February 6, 2021

Desperation is never a good look. 

You've probably had this experience many times. When you act needy, the exact thing that you've decided that you need so desperately continues to elude you.

Maybe we're all like those buds just below the surface, just so excited to pop! But unlike the buds who aren't rushing or feeling inadequate, it seems like there's a lot of anxiety right now about not having or not doing enough. 

This is something that I work to manage in my own life every day. 

In this week's Green Team Academy Podcast Live, I'll share my thoughts on how to:

  • Handle the feeling that you need more time, money, or anything
  • Discern the levels of having, doing, and being
  • Consider the multiple forms of currency available in your life and your work
  • Notice words that creep into our language that create the illusion of desperation
  • Say no with gusto rather than guilt
  • Switch the vibe from repel to attract
  • Lean on nature for reminders on how to roll with grace
  • Get clear about who or what you are working for so you can define success on your terms

Join me live at 9 am MST on Tuesday, February 9 on the Green Team Academy Facebook page or on our YouTube channel. If you miss it, you can catch it later on the Green Team Academy website or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

This episode is a gentle reminder that you are already enough!

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