February 15, 2021

Film is a powerful type of environmental education that can reach beyond the classroom and the trail. Join me for a discussion with Shawna Crocker, founder of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF). Hear how the festival was started, how you can participate this year and in the future, and how to emulate their success.

We're joined by Shiela DeForest, Mrs ECO-International and the founder of Golden Residents (and Friends) Eco-Action Team, one of the Exo-Expo exhibitors and an Eco-Champion Award Winner from the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge. 

This year’s Colorado Environmental Film Festival will be entirely virtual, which means you can now enjoy the best of the fest at home! Watch over 70 films, short and long, featuring environmental issues and solutions from around the world.

JOIN THE VIRTUAL FESTIVAL FEBRUARY 12 – 21, 2021 at www.ceff.net

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