April 5, 2021

Looking for some fun and meaningful ways to celebrate Earth Day in the Metro Denver area? We've got you covered! Tune in for my chat with Kastle Waserman, journalist with Westword in Denver. 

We'll be sharing ideas for individuals, groups, and families, including online and in-person options. See the complete list of Denver events on the Earth Week Summit schedule page. https://www.EarthWeekSummit.com/schedule

Kastle Waserman is a freelance journalist for Westword in Denver, Colorado. She’s been a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, Yahoo!, Fodor’s Travel Books, Women’s Wear Daily and more, covering music, culture, fashion and environmental events and business.

She became involved in environmentalism over a decade ago when she learned about polar bears facing extinction due to climate change, which led her on a journey to live a greener lifestyle. She has led two corporate green teams with a mission to help businesses function with more eco-friendly sustainable practices.

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Ep 118: How to Celebrate Earth Day 2021 in Denver
Ep 118 How to Celebrate Earth Day in Denver with Kastle Waserman

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