May 1, 2021

Each year Americans grow a crop they mow but do not eat. Join Brigitte Mars & BethyLoveLight, Awake & Aware, to discover how to "Get Off Your Grass and Create an Edible Lawn"

Have you ever wondered how to get people to understand the problems with lawns and what to do instead? Herbalist, Brigitte Mars, and eco-conscious hip hop artist, BethyLoveLight, have been working on this very thing. Join us to learn about their videos, songs, books, and courses that demonstrate the absurdity of massive lawns and the healing power of dandelions and other herbs.

Brigitte Mars, Huffington Post, Get Off Your Grass and Create an Edible Lawn


  • May 14: Light It Up Conscious Talk
  • May 30: Herb Walk
  • June 6: Bee In
  • September: Ten Week Herbal Healing Course




  • People & Pollinators Action Network
  • Bee City USA
  • Nontoxic Communities

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121: Get Off Your Grass
121: Get Off Your Grass

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