November 24, 2020

The Philippines is very low on the carbon emission scale and yet is one of the countries with the highest risk for experiencing issues from climate change. Tune in for my chat with Dann Diez, SEED4COM Founder and CEO, to hear how they are responding and what all of us can do. 

Typhoons, flooding, solar lamps, and gardens

Let's talk issues and solutions with Dann Diez, founder of SEED4COM

- Responding to Typhoons Rolly & Ulysses with flooding at depths of 5 meters in the Luzon area. Click to learn how to donate

- With every disaster: energy access, food, and communications are issues

- With flooding, lots of plastic trash washes us. Looking to build housing from eco trash with eco bricks

- Partnering with Eagle Scouts to build solar lamps. These are built and repaired in the communities

The Philippines is one of the most at-risk countries from the climate crisis, though they are low on carbon emission output.

As a mentor in the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge, Dann is working with Earth Fairies and Juan for Nature as part of the Philippines Food Gardens Movement.

2020 International Climate Action Challenge 

Ep 99 Dann Diez Climate Justice Philippines

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