Apply to Be a Podcast Guest

Would you like to be interviewed on Joan's Green Team Academy Podcast? Awesome!

Before you apply, please review the following guidelines. 

Green Team Academy Podcast Guest Guidelines

1. Understand the Podcast Audience

Listening for information and inspiration for launching and growing thriving Green Teams in their communities. This includes teams in neighborhoods, schools, businesses, faith communities and anywhere people gather! The goal is to help teams make a bigger impact, faster!

2. Podcast Guest Requirements

Ideal Podcast Guests meet one or more of these:

  • Have started or are currently on a Green Team
  • Have services, grants or resources that Green Teams can use
  • Have tips and strategies for how Green Teams can be more effective
  • Have information about policies, trends or opportunities Green Teams should know about

3. Podcast Format and Etiquette

  • 30-minute show usually recorded live on Tuesday at 9 am Mountain 
  • Friendly, fun and engaging format
  • Tell stories to illustrate your point, so people can relate and remember.
  • Be concise. Practice your answers ahead of time. Write down the key points you want to convey.
  • Be flexible as we may have to skip over some questions or switch topics quickly.
  • Try not to talk over others because it makes it difficult to edit and to hear.

4. The Process of Becoming a Guest

  1. Review the podcast guidelines.
  2. Listen to several episodes of the Green Team Academy podcast to make sure your idea is a good fit.
  3. Apply here. Suggest a topic and angle that fit the show format. Describe the stories you will share to engage the audience.
  4. Your application will be reviewed and you'll be notified if your suggestion is a good fit.
  5. If so, book a time for an interview from the link in your confirmation email.
  6. Communicate ahead of interview to confirm questions and interview flow.
  7. Use a headset with microphone and earphone/earplugs for best quality to prevent background noise and echo.
  8. Connect with Joan ahead of the interview from the information provided in your confirmation email.
  9. Meet Joan on Streamyard (like Zoom) for your interview. 
  10. Interviews are published as the schedule allows and will be notified when published.
  11. The interview is the property and all rights belong to Positive Energy Works LLC.
  12. Guests agree to share the podcast episode with their network to help spread the word.

Sound like a good fit?