August 16, 2018

Here are a few facts to share about the warmest years on record. This episode builds on Episode 5’s topic of having more conversations about climate change. While many in the Trump administration are denying the science around climate change, it’s up to us to know the science and be confident sharing it.

Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson
Episode 14

Time-stamped notes:
[1:00] Have more talks about climate change (episode 5) with confidence.

[1:30] We want to have our facts straight, especially in this time of climate denial.

[2:20] What were the four warmest years on record from 1884 to 2017?
According to NASA: #1 2016, #2 2017, #3 2015, #4 2014

[3:05] 2018 is expected to be one of the top five warmest years. We’ll have to wait and see!

[3:30] According to NASA, 17 of the 18 warmest years in the 136-year record all have occurred since 2001, with the exception of 1998.

[3:50] 18 warmest years have occurred in the past two decades.

[4:00] Graphics of these facts at in the show notes


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Shareable Climate Facts

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Visit the NASA Climate Change website to see the visualization changing incrementally from 1884 to 2017


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