November 7, 2018

When you hear about strategic planning and developing an annual plan, you probably groan thinking of onerous corporate or government systems. Instead, how about recognizing that nature uses an elegant annual plan to get things done every year.

Time-stamped notes:
[1:00] Starting a Green Team can feel overwhelming.

[1:30] Have you ever thought about what Mother Nature’s “to do” list is?

[2:10] How does life get it all done?

[2:40] It doesn’t try to get it all done at once.

[3:10] This is the brilliance of seasons.

[3:20] Strategic annual planning is not just an onerous corporate process. It’s an elegant approach based on nature.

[4:30] What could go in your annual plan?

Strategic Visioning and Annual Planning Meeting
Monthly Meetings

Earth Day Festival or Sustainability Fair
Project Activities

[5:45] Beauty of the process is that it’s going to help you pare down your demands and encourage to reach out to find partners.

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